What makes the world go 'round? MARCHING!

Favorite Sites
Naturally, THIS is my favorite site ...
but here are some runners up ...
Free Legal Forms - Great resources from FormsPal
Reading the Classics - A guide from KMSC
Theology - Here are some of my favorite Theological Links
Pyromania - Blogs by Phil Johnson (pyromaniac) and friends (pyromaniacs)
Irreverent, Merciless Satire - Try The Onion
The Dialectizer - Convert English text to well, you'll see
Musical Parodies - Bob Rivers' Vault of Twisted Tunes
Questions? - You can Ask Jeeves almost anything
Language Translation - of text or web pages with Babel Fish
Illusions - from IllusionWorks et al
Cute Cartoons - Mark Parisi's off the mark
Unemployment - Weird stuff from Odd Todd

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