Dancing Hillary!

For Skeptical Musicians

Every good boy does fine.
Flies always chew epithelium.
Good boys do fine always.
All cows eat grass. 
Yeah, I'm so sure!

Handy Mystical Tips
All that is true and real is simple, natural, and life-supporting.

Things To Do (NOT)
Do not pass go.  Do not collect $138.37
(after withholding)

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Graduation, Fri 6 June 2008
Safe Baby Handling Tips, Mon 28 Apr 2008
Authentix Gonkulator Team, Thu 24 Jan 2008
Rhea Girls in the Pool, Sun 5 Aug 2007
Holy Smokin' Bash, Thu 12 July 2007
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The Daily Llama
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Me Mudder
Space-Age Poetry
Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish ...
... Oh, wait, ...
That's a plane, or something ...
It moved, didn't it?
No, wait ...
... I moved.

Okay, now, where was I?

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